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Designed to target the important skill sets of working professionals, our range of courses will provide you with the in-depth training you require to build up and enhance your capabilities.


Explore our courses via these four target areas:

  • Human Resource
  • PME Management Development
  • PME Professional Development
  • Professional Administration
  • Need to save despite having to train a group of 10 or more employees?
  • Want your training done in the convenience of your office premises?
  • Do you require some customisation of our courses to suit the needs of your organisation?


Look no further than EON's comprehensive range of in-house courses to target your problem areas, all the while enjoying all the above mentioned benefits of conducting your training in-house.


Gain a deeper knowledge and insight into the various functions of your profession. With our practitioner certificates, you can explore the various functions of Performance Management, HR Strategies and Business Writing.


Keep a lookout for more certificate courses, as we are always doing our best to provide you with more option for your continuous development.





Persuasive Business Proposals

26 Aug 2016 CONFIRMED!


Effective Minutes Writing

30 & 31 Aug 2016 FULL!


Effective Project Management

31 Aug 2016 CONFIRMED!


Situational Leadership

1 Sep 2016 CONFIRMED!


Writing in Response to Enquiries & Feedback

1 Sep 2016 CONFIRMED!


Setting Up a Performance Management and Appraisal System

2 Sep 2016 CONFIRMED!


Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance

6 Sep 2016 CONFIRMED!


Effective Accounts Receivable Management

6 Sep 2016 FULL!